Unlock Breakthrough Insights With Market Research Panel

Unlock Breakthrough Insights With Market Research Panel

Unlock Breakthrough Insights With Market Research Panel

In today’s competitive market, online market research and data collection are considered as more popular options and have replaced traditional methods such as face-to-face or phone interviews. With technological advancement the market research industry is evolving and use of technology such as mobile phones and internet has transformed market research data collection methodology which allow us to conduct research and collect data easier and faster than the traditional surveys. One of the most effective tools to reliably reach your customers for surveys, focus groups, and online communities is having custom online research panels. Market research panelists are recruited, validated and categorized to participate in various types of research studies and also readily available to participate in online surveys.

When designed and used correctly, an online panel allows you to tap your consumers for quick and accurate responses to your most pressing research questions. This includes concept tests, customer satisfaction and engagement, product and package design, and more. Custom online research panels are transforming the way companies mine insights from their available data. The advent of the customer and consumer data appends is playing a huge role in this.

A highly engaged panel are trusted respondents who respond quickly and honestly to an inquiry that falls under their area of expertise and also share their attitudinal, behavioral,  ownership and user details. With these research studies, companies get to know what their customers think about their products or services. Panelists can be your customers, employees, friends, family members, or any person who can participate in the survey provided they meet the criteria that fall in the target group for research.

Unlock Breakthrough Insights With Market Research Panel- ResearchAtGlance

Market research panels can be built or developed on your own or you can simply engage an outsourced panel provider, i.e recruiting panel from a third party. Recruit or manage your own research panel only when you have the ability and accessibility to numerous people or a large database of people that can take your surveys (customers, employees, students, members, etc.). But if you don’t own such a database or have the inability to build a panel, you can purchase from a third-party panel provider. 

Research at glance can help you get the accurate and right responses to your survey research. Our expertise in Primary Research coupled with sound operational efficiency makes us an ideal ‘Partner‘ for Market Research clients. We are a 21st-century online research technology company with global online panels that reach over 2.6 million participants of different audience types all validated, profiled and verified as real individuals who are invited to participate in any community-related activities. We have a presence of a well-profiled and active community across 28+ countries which encompasses 2.6 million people worldwide. 

Keeping the necessities of our clients in our minds, we reach survey respondents across the globe and engage with them as per their convenience. With our cost-effective proprietary research panel, you can get lots of insights from your consumers around the world. Few benefits that you’ll be getting from our online sampling panel:

  • Easy and convenient for participants
  • Easy and convenient for researchers 
  • Faster responses in less time.
  • Higher response rate 
  • Building rich profiles.
  • Cost-effective.

We take pride in the fact that Research at Glance has strict security measures in place at multiple stages that ensure that the panel respondents we provide are of exceptional quality, and fraud is prevented through various security measures like data center control, redirect fraud protection, bot detection and mitigation, digital fingerprint analysis, etc.

At Research at Glance, we have a team dedicated to quality control and panel engagement to ensure long-term success. We provide a market research panel designed to make easy, affordable, faster, consistent and higher quality insights along with creating a better experience for our clients.


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