Market Researchers Are Wine Makers!

Market Researchers Are Wine Makers!

Don’t you think that market researchers are just like winemakers? We are saying that because blending samples and blending wine have a lot in common. Many times, we don’t have any idea about our favorite bottles of wine as being a blend of different types of grapes, unless your bottle says that it is 100% made of a single grape, and it’s apparently a blend. Generally, we don’t even need to think about these blends because of the perfectly formulated mixture within each glass. But the thought and preciseness behind these blends are done by professional winemakers who know how to create the perfect blend that works together to create your favorite wine.

As we know that the wine blending has become a trend and with market research, we know that sample blending is not just a trend but it is the best practice.

Wine is blended in different ways. Usually, wine blending means each grape is grown in a different vineyard, then it fermented separately, and then it aged individually. After that, when they got ready, then they are combined to make the perfect blend. Each winery has its own recipe, different methods, different types of grapes to create the best wine.

In the field of market research, this is quite similar to how we look at the sample. Now the question is why Blend?

With the help of blending, winemakers can create a wine that is better than the sum of its parts. They create finely balanced wines that offer a unique palette for each drinker. Now, we strive to do the same when it comes to sampling.

With blending sample, we can create a sample plan which is better than what we could acquire from a single source. A better sample refers to the sample which is unbiased, characteristic, and that suits your research needs. We will be able to achieve our required goal by blending these sample sources.


The Vineyards AKA Panel Management

Our panel management equals the vineyards. Grapes are grown up in vineyards and harvested from there and then winemakers start figuring out and classify the grapes they harvest as soon as possible. From there, they find out what each grape can bring to the wine in terms of the fruit, earthiness, or flavor, etc.

It goes the same with the sampling. We got samples from different panels that we manage and evaluate often. In the panel evaluation process, we analyze our panels and decide the ideal set of options. Only after that, we are able to determine which panels are right for each project. Apart from that, we also decide that how they can contribute to the sample blend perfectly.

As it is so much important for the winemakers to take care of their vineyards, same as it is so much important for us to take care of our panel network. We constantly evaluate our partners to ensure we get the best sample.

Wine blending is a combination of art and science. It includes various methods and techniques and not to forget special skills. On the other hand, the same goes for the sample as we take a similar approach. At Research at Glance, we use our unique methodology of strategic sample blending to ensure that we are creating the perfect blend of sample sources. This combination of art and science allows us to meet the unique research needs of our clients.

Winemakers or we can say Sample Consultants

As we’ve mentioned earlier, winemakers are working behind the scenes regularly to create the best wine carefully.

The same goes with the Glance Community team as our proficient sample consultants work behind the scenes to create a smooth blend to fit the needs of our valuable clients.



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