How To Have A Successful B2B Survey Engagement

How To Have A Successful B2B Survey Engagement

From few years, we can see a revolution the survey engagement. With the emergence of new online sampling techniques, we can figure out one of the major concerns which are – how to get people to complete the full survey.

Today, people are generally not able to pay their attention properly to the survey because of so many distractions. In order to resolve that, the researchers are trying to seek innovative methods to push up the response rates. In the fast-growing industry of market research, innovation has become the key to success. In the case of B2B research, it requires a different kinds of best practices and it is so important to understand the survey engagement as the researchers can’t simply shift the B2B methods to the industry.

Lower IR (Incidence Rate) of qualified respondents is one of the major barriers, but another major concern people are quite busy these days. It needs the best solutions to make a good impact on projects which need top-level respondents.

Usually, B2C survey engagement strategies opt for a two-pronged approach as they are more efficient, smaller surveys, and have more relevant questions and easy-to-use interfaces. They look quite entertaining as well, then the surveys used to be. They use gamification tactics to provide rewards however, this approach fails when it comes to B2B.

In that case, the smart way is to focus on another side of the approach for the B2Bengagement to make it more efficient. The more emotionally satisfied participant means they are more engaged, so here the satisfaction starts by respecting the respondents valuable time.

So, here we have presented some major key points to get the best completion rate as you required.


This is one of the most important factors for any B2B survey. You have to make sure that it should be relevant for your audience. If it will be relevant to their working life, only then they will complete the survey. Your survey must include some relevant topics as the increasing relevance looks more inviting and try to keep away from the abstract topics.


You’ve successfully invited the people but whether your survey got completed? An engaging B2B survey must use the respondents’ time effectively as time is so much important. In many cases, there are high open rates which then turned to high drop-out rates, until the survey length dropped from 5 minutes to 3. So, using respondents from good quality panels where some data comes pre-filled, will reduce the number of questions. If your respondent believe their time is being respected and the survey is short & simple, then it will make them more engaging and they will complete the questions.


The next important factor that needs to be considered is keeping it agile. The modern surveys can be improved and changed during the fielding process. Agile surveys are becoming more common these days. Monitoring in-field surveys was a very blunt instrument, having no transparency and the sample buyers unable to see which elements of the survey were causing drop-out. Now, it is good practice to dedicatedly track the status of in-field surveys and instantly check where are the pressure points are creating respondent drop-out. Monitoring the engagement plays the vital role

in B2B surveys because the IR of desired respondents is often lower than in consumer research.


The emotional factor is also one of the major factors in B2B surveys. Just need to create incentives that deliver an emotional payoff and drive engagement up even for the top-level executive survey participants. Mostly, the C-level individuals appreciate incentives that reward them with exclusive information such as the result of the study or their time spent to make them feel valuable somehow. Sometimes, offering warm and sincere gratitude for their time rather than providing incentives will be more effective than offering something which makes them feel deficient.

As you know that even the well-designed B2B survey will still reach people who are simply too busy to take any action. But, by implementing these four key factors and appreciating your respondents’ time, then your survey will not only maximize engagement but will also leave a much better impression for the future.

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